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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the latest internet marketing innovation and proving to be a productive and purposeful component in a company’s integrated marketing plans. At, we develop social media marketing programs that entail attention-grabbing content creation, paving way for online conversations, and in a way prompting readers to share information with their social networks.

Internet is the biggest marketplace for business these days. People spend most of their time on social networking websites, blogs, video and photo sharing websites and forums, and that’s where they find information about latest brands or products. It is hence, no wonder that social media channels like these have become powerful tools for marketers around the world. The idea of social marketing is to interact with your target audience and create a buzz around your brand. Besides brand building or reputation enhancement, successful social media optimization also helps in driving traffic to your website, which could enhance your online sales.

Social Media Optimization is the next level in marketing. When you combine Social Media Optimization with traditional SEO you have a scenario. You see, your product or service might not be presently known to the public and therefore it doesn’t matter if you rank for that phrase or not. Before your Social Media Optimization campaign gets into full swing an organized SEO campaign should be put into place to have the highest-ranking site for the terms that you will be promoting. Once you have ranked your site for all of your pertinent keywords you will be ready to receive all of the new searches.

Benefits of SMM in a nutshell:

  • Brand building and reputation enhancement
  • Reaching out to the target audience
  • Gaining more inbound links for your website
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better ranking on search engines has a specialized team with the expertise in creating a strong presence for you on the internet. Our professionals help you enhance your image on the social media and create positive opinions about your products and services. offerings in the social networking arena include:
  • Social Networking Portal Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook API integration and Facebook WIDGETS.
  • Audio video sharing & uploading.
  • Internal messaging.
  • Invitations.
  • Photo & Video galleries.
  • Blogs, Forums.
  • Member friend’s network.
  • Live chat.
  • Shopping carts.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • RSS feeds

As social media becomes a larger and larger part of the consumer’s Internet experience, a social media marketing strategy has become more and more necessary. offers social media marketing campaign management scalable and customized to your business market, needs, and budget.

weazensoft’s social media marketing team will develop a social media program to fit your organization and its requirements. Please contact us today to find out more about social media marketing services.